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Providing Mobility Solutions for over 22 years

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Manual Wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs function well as dependent mobility systems. They are built for the caregiver to propel and for stability to protect the user. The large rear wheels can make curbs and other obstacles easier to manage. Manual wheelchairs for daily use are often categorized by their design features and costs. The standard wheelchair is designed for short-term hospital or institutional use and is not recommended as a primary mode of mobility. A “hemi” wheelchair has a lower seat-to-floor height to allow people to propel their wheelchair with their feet. Lightweight wheelchairs are designed for long-term use by individuals who spend less than a couple of hours each day in a wheelchair. Active, full-time users with good upper limb function and endurance should use ultralight wheelchairs. Hybrid wheelchairs are available for people with impaired upper limb function or endurance or those who require frequent use of ramps or hilly terrain.

Drive Silver Sport 2

The Silver Sport 2 is an excellent value! The frame is powder-coated for a long lasting finish that is easy to maintain. This wheelchair comes standard with dual axle positions so you can adjust seat height from Adult (19") to Hemi height (17.5") for those who are shorter or propel a wheelchair with their feet. 3-position front casters allow you to adjust the front seat height to balance the rear wheel height adjustments. Easily and quickly adjust the legrest length to your comfort with tool-free adjustable legrests. This makes the Silver Sport 2 easy to adjust, comfortable, and tailored to your body type.

Call us for pricing o​n the version desired

Additional Information

Please Note:  There are dozens of models and many of them are available in different configurations. Please contact us to discuss the features you desire in a wheelchair with one of our experts. We can recommend the best model choices based on your individual needs.